Ways To Give

To all of our current members and those of you for whom we are waiting to welcome as a new member of our Chaverah:

We will be continuing our dues structure for the fiscal year of 2020. Kol Ami is now functioning on a membership cycle that corresponds to the secular year, so as of January first, your membership dues are due. For those of you, especially new members, that joined with us during or after High Holidays 2019, have no fear. Your dues were applied in-whole to 2020.

We continue to function under these guidelines:

  1. Not to exclude ANYONE with a true affinity to Judaism from being a part of us.
  2.  To encourage all our members to participate in our services and activities.
  3.  And, to never, ever, exclude ANYONE just because of an inability to contribute financially to our group – and to do that without making it onerous or embarrassing.

We have traditionally offered High Holiday Services free of charge and have no plans to change that policy this year.

We have also adjusted our dues policy to encourage everyone to join with us.
For 2020, individual dues standard rate is $360. A family, including two adults and all children is $720.
BUT we also have a WELCOMING RATE of $108 for adults– FOR THE ENTIRE YEAR!!
AND we recognize that financial circumstances may not change quickly. So that $108 WELCOMING RATE is available forever, if that reflects your financial circumstance.

For those of you who, Beruch HaShem, can do better, we also ask of you to add an additional FAIR SHARE contribution. The amount is totally up to you. But in order to make this dues structure work we ask that you truly reflect on what the value is to you to have continuing access to your religious community. We are here year around – not just in September. And we want very very much to continue to be around, not just for ourselves, but also for the greater community at large. Please help us realize that goal!

We will be asking ALL members to fill out a new 2020 membership form this year. That form will be available by request at Shul or through the mail, or can be downloaded by clicking this link:

2020 Membership application – REV 2


Please make your donation here, using Paypal, or by check to Kol Ami of Boca Raton and mail it to
Kol Ami of Boca Raton
PO Box 810504
Boca Raton, FL 33481

We are always happy to talk too, so please call us at 561-990-2641.